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Who We Are





XTOUCH is a leading smartphone brand in EMEA region, providing high-quality and innovative products at affordable price. XTOUCH proudly presents as a Dubai-based brand, with headquarter in Dubai and sales operations across Europe, Middle East & Africa. XTOUCH is focusing on building a win-win solution with our partners, and providing cost-efficient products that beyond expectation of the end-users.  

What We Do





We are a consumer electronics provider. We have a complete products line with various specifications. Relying on the network grid of our distributors, our products have been launched and sold under a certain systems and methods. In each country in the Middle East, we have local or regional distributors, who have a complete sales network covering the country, based on this, our local partners work closely with us and with our local distributors. Local partners further develop the market with different campaigns through marketing, promotions and/or exhibitions.

How We Think





As one of the leading providers in consumer electronics, XTOUCH regards customer experience as an important factor. Our research team gathers lots of information and data from the market and the customers. We respect each piece of information our customers provide, we take all the findings into consideration when developing our products. This enables us to improve our products and meet our customers' expectation.  


We work side by side with reputable companies and team-up with powerful strategic partners in different regions. Through their networks, our products can be seen in various channels, including hypermarkets, I.T chain stores, power electronic products retailers, numerous independent shops, etc. We have presence and good relations in many countries. We have launched some of our products through local telecom networks in some regions and we continuously negotiate with other operators to establish better platforms.  


Quality is the most significant aspect and an important one. With the most skillful workers and state-of-the-art technology, we maintain a very low faulty rate, which is highly spoken of by our customers.  


We have great presence in different regions. Up until now, three branches have been set up in various places to take care of the markets there. In the local branch, there are sales teams, marketing team, after-service team, warehouse, showroom, logistics teams, etc. We provide the best services to our customers.  


As a young and dynamic company in this industry, the only way for us to survive in this fierce competition is continuous innovation. We keep an eye on the most advanced technology in this field and launch the latest products to the market. Our customers will never fall behind when it comes to the latest technology.