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XTOUCH becomes the only young top 5 consumer tablet brand in UAE


Dubai, November 19th 2014 –XTOUCH, the leading consumer electronics provider, for the very first time has ranked the NO.5 consumer tablet brand in the United Arab Emirates, according to latest Q2 2014 figures from IDC. While we see the other brands in the list of top 5 were well-known brand including Lenovo, Samsung, Apple and ASUS. 


XTOUCH, definitely a dark horse, ended the quarter with a record 6.5% in total consumer tablet market share in the UAE. XTOUCH UAE outperformed the market significantly with quarter to quarter (QTQ) growth of 66.5%, which is approximate to 69.8% of Lenovo. Moreover, when most of brands showed the negative growth, XTOUCH was the only young and top 5 vendor to register positive growth according to IDC’s Q2 2014 results and grew faster than any other vendors in the country. 


“XTOUCH is the only young brand, achieving NO.5 consumer tablet vendor in the UAE is quite remarkable and a huge milestone for XTOUCH, when we competed with Lenovo, Apple and Samsung.” said Bruce Chen, the CEO of XTOUCH. “UAE was one of the first and the most important countries where we launched our consumer tablets. The achievement is worthy to being memorized.”


Mr. Jack Lee, the President of XTOUCH, said: “In the past two years, XTOUCH has achieved exponential growth in MEA with our market share increasing quarter on quarter. XTOUCH is committed to provide the affordable consumer tablets, and focus on tablets innovations. This is just the beginning and we are confident that in the following years, we will achieve even more milestones and further growth.”