Samsung is trying to provide OneUI 6 phones with Seamless Updates at last.

Seamless Updates are finally being added to Samsung’s phones. Galaxies have not yet received the functionality, which debuted on Pixels in 2016 and is included in many Android phones. Instead of having to wait for your phone to be completely unavailable throughout the update process, it enables an update to be placed on partition B while you use your phone on partition A, and then you simply need to restart.

It would be reasonable to anticipate that the Galaxy S23 series would have the capability even before OneUI 6 debuts later next year as Google has made Seamless Updates a requirement feature for every phone that comes with Android 13 at launch. We shall see.

Finally, Sally stated during the interview that OneUI won’t expand beyond phones to Chromebooks and TVs.

According to an interview with Samsung Electronics VP Hyesoon Jeong, the company is working on integrating Seamless Updates into OneUI 6 next year (Sally).

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