Secret Revealed on Samsung:One UI 5 released for Galaxy S22 Ultra in Europe 

At last, after a few One UI 5 beta tests now the South Korean tech goliath has begun carrying out the steady One UI 5 (Android 13) firmware update for the World S22 Ultra in Europe.

As indicated by the authority Samsung Europe, the One UI 5 stable update for System S22 Ultra will show up alongside Great Lock highlights. The steady One UI 5 update for the World S22 will be accessible beginning on Monday 24 October 2022.

According to the changelog underneath, the steady One UI 5 update for the Cosmic system S22 Ultra is carrying out with the firmware variant S908BXXU2BVJA and the bundle size is 2854.03 MB. The authority One UI 5 update likewise showed up alongside the most recent October 2022 security fix.

Different gadgets are supposed to get One UI 5.0 in view of Android 13 toward the finish of 2022 in particular the Samsung World S21, System S21 +, Universe S21 Ultra, Samsung Cosmic system Z Fold3 5G, and System Z Flip3 5G. Aside from the above gadgets, e mid-range System A53 5G could be refreshed before 2023.

New symbols
New hit spring up and new warning format
New administration for gadget customization (lock screen, backdrops, new design for gadgets)
Efficiency enhancement (improved performing multiple tasks, an additional opportunity of separating and examining a text, upgraded Samsung Dex and Samsung Notes, Associated Gadgets)
Upgraded routine mode
New Rest mode
Protection and security enhancement

New symbols and representations Symbol images are more extensive for a more keen look and simpler to see Unobtrusive foundation conceals and improved contrast give it a fresher, more regular look. The new representations have been made for a steady look across all applications.

More natural than any time in recent memory New livelinesss and change impacts make exchanging between screens more normal.

Livelinesss and other visual criticism show up in a flash when you contact the screen, making cooperations more natural. Scroll speed has likewise been improved to make looking over smoother across the whole One Haze Impacts and Upgraded Varieties Obscure impacts behind the scenes of the Fast Board, Home Screen and the whole One UI have been improved with more splendid varieties for a more clear and more reliable experience. The application’s worked on variety plans assist you with staying away from interruptions and spotlight on the continuous action.


Customize your lock screen Contact and hold the lock screen to change. What’s easier? Tweak your backdrops, clock style, notice settings and more with live see, across the board place

More backdrop decisions The backdrop settings have been reconsidered making it simpler for you to find the ideal backdrop for your home and lock screens. There are more pictures, recordings, varieties and channels to look over, presently like never before.

More choices for your variety range Finding the right tones for you is simpler. Browse 116 variety subjects in light of your backdrop, as well as predefined variety topics intended for a staggering look

Effectively See Who’s Calling Set an alternate foundation for each contact’s calls to handily see who’s calling, initially.

Methodology and schedules

Pick your modes in view of your action Pick a mode in light of what you are doing, for instance, work out, work, unwind, then, at that point, pick what you believe your telephone should do in every one of these unique situations. For instance, turn on Don’t Upset mode when you are unwinding or playing music while driving.

Rest Mode is presently called Rest Mode When now is the right time to rest, Rest Mode permits you to robotize a few activities like enacting Night Mode and changing the sound mode.

Finding predefined schedules is more straightforward An improved on design that makes it simple to find schedules that are helpful for you.

Immediately check current schedules As of now dynamic schedules are displayed at the highest point of the Schedules screen so you can understand what’s going on and make changes if necessary.

More activities and conditions for your schedules Consequently start schedules while utilizing Flight Mode or Area of interest Mode. Schedules can now open sets of uses and change left/right sound equilibrium.

Home screen gadget

Stack gadgets on the Home screen Join a few gadgets of a similar size into a solitary gadget to save space on your Home screen, Drag a gadget to one more gadget to make a stack, then swipe to switch between gadgets. You can add more gadgets to your stack whenever by moving

Get tips on your home screen The new Savvy Tips gadget knows before you what you want. It recommends applications to utilize, individuals to call, and other helpful hints. ideas depend on your use propensities.

Performing multiple tasks

Swipe the view with a motion Switch between full-screen and split-screen sees by swiping the lower part of the screen up with two fingers Change between full-screen and pop-around sees by swiping one finger from any corner top of the screen. Igesti can be turned on or off in Settings> Progressed features> Developments and signals

Immediately open applications in split screen mode Simply drag an application from the New screen to the side of the screen where you need to open it.

Associated gadgets

Accomplish more with your associated gadgets The Associated Gadgets menu has been added to Settings, making it simpler and quicker to get to highlights imparted to different gadgets, like Speedy Offer, Shrewd View and Samsung Dex.

Camera. You can likewise join two emoticons and make fun moves and stances.

Samsung console

New emoticons accessible for Emoticon Coordinates 80 extra emoticons are accessible in the Samsung console to make an emoticon pair. Presently you can join creature themed emoticons, food and different things, as well as looks.

Pick the ideal blend to convey your feelings

Adjust Articulation Buttons in Samsung Console Contact and hold the emoticon, sticker, and different buttons to modify them.

Enter kaomoji straightforwardly from the Samsung console Spice up your visits and instant messages with preset looks made with console images. (***).

Modify the spacebar column on the Samsung console You can pick what capability keys and accentuation imprints to show on the reality of the console close to the spacebar.

Concentrate and sweep a text

Separate text from any picture or screen Concentrate text with Samsung Console, Web, Display or at whatever point you take a screen capture. Glue the outcome into a message, email, or report as opposed to composing it.

Get ideas in view of text contained in pictures When text shows up in a picture from Display, Camera or different applications, you will be provoked for activities in light of this text. For instance, in the event that you snap a picture of a sign with a telephone number or web address on it, you can tap it to call that number or visit that webpage. Text extraction and idea capabilities are just upheld in English, Korean, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese.

Samsung Dex

Further developed Undertaking Bar in Samsung Dex A pursuit button has been added to make it more straightforward to find the applications you need to utilize, and you can right-tap on some applications to rapidly get to errands inside the application. You can likewise redo the buttons you need to show up on your taskbar.

New warning marker in DeX A red spot will show up on the notices button in the undertaking bar in the event that you have gotten any notices since you last opened the Notice board.

Little schedule in Dex Tapping on the date in the undertaking bar presently opens a small schedule that permits you to rapidly check your timetable without opening the Schedule application.


Get just warnings permitted by you When you utilize an application interestingly, you will be inquired as to whether you need to get notices from it. Go ahead and express no to applications you would rather not annoy you.

Simpler admittance to application notice controls Is an application sending you such a large number of warnings? Obstructing it is simpler than at any other time thanks to the warning settings that put the application’s notice controls on top. You can likewise go straightforwardly to the application’s notice settings utilizing the button at the lower part of the Notice Board.

Pick the sorts of notices applications can send You currently have separate command over application spring up warnings, application symbol identifications, and lock screen notices. Permit different types, some or none. It depends on you.

New design for notices Application symbols are bigger and make it more straightforward to see which applications send notices. Text arrangement has additionally been improved to consider simpler perusing of warnings


Set a language for each application Need to utilize some applications in a single language and others in another? You can now pick which language to use for each application in Settings.

Set Don’t Upset Exemptions You can now set individual contacts as Don’t Upset special cases. Your telephone will ring or vibrate when an individual of your decision calls or sends you a message, even with Don’t Upset mode on. It is likewise simpler to set applications as exemptions, to get notice alarms from them, even in Don’t Upset mode. Simply pick the applications you need to give agree to from the new network.

Worked on sound and vibration settings

The menus have been revamped to make it more straightforward to see as the sound and vibration choices you really want. Set your ringtone and change volume and vibration settings, all from one spot.

More choices for Slam In addition to Smash In addition to can now be switched off totally in Gadget Care in the event that you don’t require it or don’t believe it should utilize extra room.

Programmed Advancement Gadget Backing guarantees that your telephone moves along as planned via consequently performing enhancements behind the scenes. To ensure your telephone partakes in the best circumstances, you can set your telephone to restart naturally when required.

Security and protection

Check your telephone’s security status in a moment The new Security dashboard in Settings tells you assuming that your telephone has security-related issues and assists you with fixing them rapidly.

Keep away from incidental sharing of individual data The sharing board will inform you when you attempt to share photographs that contain delicate information, for example, Mastercards, ID cards or international IDs, so you can evaluate whether you truly need to share them.

Security and Protection Data for Sites A symbol showing the security status of a website will show up in the Samsung Web address bar. Tap on the symbol to figure out what data the site gathers and tracks.


Greater Openness Choices in the Speedy Board High difference, variety reversal, variety change, and variety channel text styles things can be added to the Fast Board for simpler access.

Simpler Admittance to the Magnifier Enact the Magnifier connect in Openness to get speedy admittance to the Magnifier capability. The Amplifying Glass utilizes your camera to focus in on components in reality with the goal that you can take a gander at them intently or read them all the more without any problem.

More voice help Browse different kinds of voice input to get help utilizing your telephone
Establishment program.


Greater Openness Choices in the Speedy Board The high difference, variety reversal, variety change and variety separating textual styles things can be added to the fast board for more straightforward access.

More straightforward Admittance to the Magnifier Enact the Magnifier connect in Availability to get speedy admittance to the Magnifier capability. The Amplifying Glass utilizes your camera to focus in on components in reality with the goal that you can take a gander at them intently or read them all the more without any problem.

More voice help Browse different kinds of voice input to get help utilizing your telephone, in any event, when you can’t see the screen

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