Windows 11 PCs Can Now Start The Hotspot On Your Samsung Phones

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Samsung‘s efforts to create its ecosystem to compete with the likes of Apple have led them to deepen its ties with Microsoft. A new update rolling out to Windows 11 will allow users to auto-start the hotspot of their smartphones as part of the Phone Link app, but this feature is exclusive to select Samsung Galaxy phones.

As part of the Windows 11 preview build for Insiders in the Dev Channel, the update brings some bug fixes and new features like the Instant Wi-Fi Hotspot feature. This feature has been a part of Apple’s ecosystem for years. Even Samsung lets users turn on their mobile hotspots from another Android device with a shared Samsung account. Therefore, it was a matter of time before Windows also got this feature.

How to start hotspot on your Galaxy phones using Windows PC

As of now, the Instant Wi-Fi Hotspot feature will be exclusive to Samsung phones running OneUI 4.1 or higher and a PC running Windows 11 (22H2 Build 22621) that supports Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and the Phone Link app (v1.22082.111.0).

To start the hotspot on Samsung phones using Windows 11, users will first need to pair their Galaxy devices with Windows using the Phone Link app. After pairing, users will see their phone listed in the Wi-Fi section of the PC. Users can then select to turn on the hotspot on their phones remotely and don’t need to enter the network password on their computer.

Samsung x Microsoft partnership

Samsung’s partnership with Microsoft results from Samsung’s efforts to build an all-inclusive ecosystem for its users. The two companies are partnering on everything from mobile gaming bundles to optimizing their apps and integrating their software. Users can now control and use their Samsung devices from Windows 11 PC and their Galaxy Tabs as a secondary display.

Samsung’s productivity-focused apps like Samsung Notes and Reminders sync with Outlook and OneNote. Thus making it easier for users to access their events and reminders more efficiently across devices.

Samsung and Microsoft further expanded their partnership with the launch of the Z Fold 3 last year. Microsoft optimized their Office apps for the Fold’s display. For example, in Microsoft Teams users can see a presentation on the top half of a screen while seeing people’s faces from the call on the bottom half. The addition of S-Pen compatibility on the Galaxy Fold 3 allowed users to use the whiteboard on Teams for better communication. Outlook on the Z Fold shows the content of the email on one side while previewing emails on the other, just like on a desktop.

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