Can iphone 14 use iphone 13 case?

The iPhone 14 is slightly thicker than its predecessor, but the overall differences are small enough that the iPhone 13 case is likely functional enough for your new iPhone 14 model. Apple gave the iPhone 14 slightly different dimensions than the iPhone 13, it is wider and deeper. In addition, the positions of the keys and speakers have been adjusted so that last year’s case is not perfectly aligned. iPhone 14 Pro Diamond Quilted leather case The use of the quilted Rhombus 3D design makes the wallet case more luxurious and provides a pleasant touch feel. The back is a nice stand that can be converted into a comfortable multi-angle view for reading, watching videos or FaceTime.

iPhone 13 Pro Max CaseiPhone 13 Pro CaseiPhone 13 Case iPhone 13 Mini CaseSamsung Galaxy S22 Ultra CaseSamsung Galaxy S22 Plus CaseSamsung Galaxy S22 Plus CaseSamsung Galaxy S22 Case Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Case Apple gave the iPhone 14 Pro Max a significantly larger camera push to its new sensors and the three-camera configuration And therefore, an old iPhone 13 Pro Max case won’t fit the iPhone 14 Pro Max. While you could technically use an iPhone 13 Pro Max case, the fit would be anything but precise due to significant differences in the thickness and size of the camera rack. CaseMe iPhone 14 Pro wallet case made from high-quality leather, handmade workmanship and reinforced seams around the case are not only beautiful, but also better protect the case from wear and tear and provide full protection for your phone.

Remember that you don’t have to buy an expensive case from Apple. Many third-party iPhone 14 cases offer similar protection and you can buy them much cheaper from Amazon. iPhone 14 Pro leather case with double magnetic closure and 100% handmade finish makes for a stylish look and feel. This is because Apple not only moved the buttons and speakers slightly for the iPhone 14 Pro, but also gave the iPhone 14 Pro a significantly larger camera, as it has to accommodate the massively improved lenses and sensors of the new model. It may not be possible to tell the difference in holding the iPhone, but a 1mm difference may mean that the iPhone 13 Pro case won’t fit the new iPhone 14 Pro.

Although they are relatively the same size, the Pro models have a significantly larger camera butt, which prevents an iPhone 14 case from fitting properly. Maybe you’re planning a new iPhone 14 and wondering if you can still use your iPhone 13 case with it. Apple has also moved the power and volume buttons on the iPhone 14 Pro, for another reason your cases aren’t working. The iPhone 14 Pro leather case has a soft and slip-resistant microfiber lining on the inside, which can protect your phone from abrasion and slipping.

More than the changes in dimensions, this will affect the compatibility between iPhone 13 cases and the iPhone. The iPhone 14 Plus doesn’t change the position of the buttons, but its camera module is so much smaller that it looks too out of place in your iPhone 13 Pro Max case.