Black Friday: Save $25 on the NVIDIA SHIELD TV Pro


Still arguably the best Android TV device on the market, the NVIDIA SHIELD TV Pro is getting its annual discount just in time for Black Friday. It is now down to just $174.99. That’s not a huge discount, sure, but it is the all-time low. Which we really only see around Black Friday and Prime Day. So now is a good time to pick one up.

The NVIDIA SHIELD TV Pro is a really great Android TV device to pick up for a number of reasons. Firstly, it’s pretty powerful and has 16GB of internal storage. That might not sound like a lot, but it is double what the Chromecast with Google TV actually has. It does also support Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision, providing that your TV and the content you’re playing supports it.

Inside, NVIDIA is using its own processor, which is pretty powerful for Android TV. Which is why they also made it a gaming console. Of course, you can play some Android TV games on this one. But NVIDIA also has its cloud streaming gaming service, GeForce NOW available here. So you can play thousands of titles, and nearly 100 of the biggest free to play games on the SHIELD TV Pro. This also includes using the RTX 3080 membership of GeForce Now.

We also can’t forget about the fact that this does also have Google Assistant built-in. Giving you access to voice control here. That means that you are able to control your TV by using your voice. Which is a really nice addition here. The remove is also a triangular shape this year, so it’s harder to get lost in the couch. But it also has a Find My Remote feature, so that it will ring when you can’t find it. Now that is pretty slick.

You can pick up the NVIDIA SHIELD TV Pro from Amazon today by clicking here. But this price is not going to last very long, so you’d better be quick.


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