Elon Musk details different ‘Verified’ labels coming to Twitter

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Elon Musk has just detailed different ‘Verified’ labels that are coming to Twitter. It seems like we’ll get different ‘Verified’ checks aka labels for different accounts. Let’s see what’s new.

Elon Musk has just detailed different “Verified” labels that are coming to Twitter

Based on Musk’s tweet, blue checks will remain in use for individuals, it doesn’t matter whether they’re famous or not. When it comes to companies, they’ll be getting “gold checks”, and government accounts will get “gray checks”.

Elon Musk said that the changes will start rolling out on Friday next week. He also apologized for the delay, as the verified system was supposed to start rolling out (once again) on November 29. That won’t happen. Still, the changes will be only several days late, it seems.

Twitter’s new owner didn’t give us a preview of what the new system will look like, but it’s not difficult to imagine. The blue checks will remain unchanged, and just imagine them being gold and grey on specific types of accounts.

Now, Elon Musk did previously say that Twitter would “probably use [a] different color check for organizations than individuals”, but nothing was confirmed. Now he has both confirmed and detailed the changes.

Yes, the $8 price tag remains, at least for individuals

Yes, you’ll still need to pay $8 a month for Twitter Blue in order to get verified. That, at least, goes for individuals, we’re not sure what’s the status for companies and government checks. Elon Musk didn’t say anything about that.

It’s possible that everyone will have the same price tier, or that companies and/or government bodies will have to pay more, or perhaps less (which wouldn’t make sense), but who knows. We’ll have to wait until next Friday to find out, unless Elon Musk or Twitter release more info before then.

In an additional Tweet, Musk did say that “individuals can have secondary tiny logo showing they belong to an org if verified as such by that org”. All individual users will have the same blue check, though.

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