For Cyber Monday you can grab the Razer Kaira Pro for only $90

Razer Kaira Pro For PlayStation 2

The Razer Kaira Pro is one of Razer’s more intriguing headsets for gaming over the last few years and it’s currently on sale for $90 during Cyber Monday over at Amazon. This is a deal that has carried over from laswt week’s Black Friday sale and there are loads of Razer gaming accessories that were discounted for the entire week, and that included the Kaira Pro gaming headset.

The reason why this is such an interesting headset is because in addition to the great audio Razer headsets usually offer, the Kaira Pro also has the HyperSense feature. This feature adds haptics to your audio so you can feel the sound during your games. And Razer has worked with numerous studios to add integration. Really HyperSense will work with any game. But certain games will be more optimized.

It’s also a super comfortable headset to wear and it comes in a variation for Xbox and PC, as well as PlayStation and PC. Both models also work with mobile devices. But there are more Razer accessories on sale than just this headset. You can find the full list below.

Whether you game on PC or console, and whether it’s Xbox or PS5, Razer has some great accessories to enhance the experience. From charging your controllers more easily to ensuring you hear all the best parts of your games (and your voice chat).

You can pick up Razer’s gaming accessories on sale by clicking here.

Razer Gaming Accessories

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