Oppo is showing other handset manufacturers how updates should be handled

The speed at which handset manufacturers push out their Android updates will vary from OEM to OEM. Some are fast, some are slow, and then it also depends on your phone, and whether or not it is eligible for the update and also if it is high on the priority of the company’s development schedule.

That being said, Oppo seems to have learned a lot over the past few years because according to the company, they have revealed that with ColorOS 13, it is their fastest update rollout to date. The update was initially available on the 18th of August, 2022, but it seems that Oppo has not wasted any time and has since delivered the update to 33 smartphone models globally.

The company claims that it is their fastest and biggest update in the history of ColorOS. They also revealed that with ColorOS 13, at least 50% more handset models in Oppo’s product lineup were compatible with the update over ColorOS 12. This means that not only did phones get the update faster, but about three times more Oppo handset owners got the update compared to ColorOS 12.

That being said, there is more good news moving forwards. Oppo recently announced that they have made some improvements to their update policy where they will now guarantee at least four major ColorOS updates moving forwards, as well as five years of security patches on select flagship models starting in 2023.

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