YouTube is testing a gray progress bar

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Anyone who uses YouTube will be familiar with the classic red progress bar. However, YouTube is testing a gray progress bar

YouTube has been making some changes to its aesthetic lately. Its recent changes have centered around the implementation of Material You into the app. This included adding pill-shaped buttons to the UI.

Now, YouTube is testing a gray progress bar

The folks back 9To5Google were able to see this new progress bar. So far, it appears that the gray progress bar will only appear when the phone is using the dark theme. Not only that, but it will only show up when the video is in full-screen mode. When it’s not in full-screen mode, you will see the classic red progress bar.

The gray progress bar seems to be a pretty odd choice. It doesn’t really serve much of an aesthetic purpose. Also, with the gray progress bar, you can’t see how much of been video has been buffered. While that’s not devastating, it’s still nice to know how much of the video has been loaded so far. It gives you a good idea of how stable your internet connection is.

In any case, this is only a test. Chances are that you do not have this new progress bar. As time goes on, we might see this make its way to more users.

In Other YouTube News: YouTube Music Will Let You Make Your Own Radio

YouTube is currently testing the ability for people to actually make their own radios. Radios on YouTube music are curated playlists based on certain artists.

Some users have found a new “Create a Radio” button on the home screen. When you press that button, you will be able to choose different artists, song selection options, and filters to craft the Radio.

This feature is still a bit weird, as you’re not able to customize the name for the Radio, and you’re not able to add it to your library. However, we expect it to improve as time goes on.

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