EcoFlow’s new power station can backup your entire home

Most of us are lucky where we live in places where we are more or less guaranteed access to uninterrupted power supply. This means that for the most part, we don’t have to worry about frequent power outages, but that doesn’t mean it cannot happen and it’s always good to be prepared.

If you’re looking for a power solution that can keep your entire home running even in the event of an outage, then you might be interested to learn that at CES 2023, EcoFlow has announced its whole-home power backup solution.

This is a great alternative to gas-powered generators that some of you might already be using. This is because generators typically rely on gas, which not only produces smoke, but also carbon dioxide. EcoFlow’s system on the other hand relies on the DELTA Pro, a power station that can be recharged in as little as 3 hours, meaning that you don’t need to go out and get gas to power it up.

One of EcoFlow’s bundles includes the Advanced Kit which includes two DELTA Pro units via the Double Voltage Hub that can provide 7,200W and 240V, which means that it has enough juice to power pretty much any of your home appliances and keep circuits running for up to a week.

EcoFlow’s power stations can also be paired with the company’s solar generators which means that if the outage is extended and your batteries are running low, as long as there is sufficient sunlight, you can keep it topped up. If this sounds like a system you want to invest in, more details can be found at the company’s website.

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