Best of CES 2023: Displace Wireless TV

Displace TV CES Award

The Displace Wireless TV was one of the most interesting devices we saw at CES 2023

CES is where we see some of the most astounding and confounding devices that the companies are working on, and that makes for some interesting announcements. Among those announcements, we have the Displace Wireless TV. This is a TV that can actually stick to most services in your home.

This is an OLED TV with a 4K display. So, right off the bat, it doesn’t seem like much of an innovative device. However, there are a few things about it that differentiate it from other devices. For starters, it can stick to surfaces in your home.

Wall-mounting a TV can be a hassle for most people. You have to bother with additional equipment, and the setup process can be a pain in the next. Also, if you’re a renter, you might not have the clearance to do anything like that. This is why the Displace Wireless TV can come in handy.

This TV uses active-loop vacuum technology. What this means is that it suctions itself onto the wall continuously. So, there aren’t any adhesives, and you don’t need to put holes into your wall.

displace tv hero

The Displace TV is also wireless

Another defining attribute of the TV is that it’s pretty much wireless; it doesn’t even use a power cord. It’s completely battery-powered. Now, a battery-powered TV might sound absurd, but the company has a few tricks up its sleeves for adding to the longevity.

For starters, there are four hot-swappable batteries powering the TV, so you’ll be able to swap them out when they get low. We don’t know their capacities just yet. Also, the TV itself isn’t really doing any heavy processing. In fact, the TV will come with a base station that processes everything and streams it to the TV.

It’s such an innovative and interesting concept that it was able to garner one of our Best of CES 2023 awards.

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