Using your voice to type in Google Docs will soon be more accurate

Google Docs and Google Slides allows users to use their voice and convert their speech into text. This is useful not just as a tool of convenience, but also from an accessibility standpoint where users who might not be able to type will still be able to create documents and slides.

The only issue would be the accuracy of the tool, where we’re sure that many of you have probably realized that it isn’t always the most accurate at picking up what you’re trying to say. The good news is that it looks like Google is giving the voice feature an upgrade to make it better.

According to Google:

“These enhancements will help reduce transcription errors and minimize lost audio during transcription. The improvements also include expanded availability to most major browsers. Additionally, captions in Slides will now contain automatically generated punctuation.”

The company notes that the changes were made to help make Docs and Slides more inclusive and accessible to more users.

The changes are already being rolled out, but Google does note that it will not be available to everyone just yet and that it should probably reach more users in the coming weeks, so do keep an eye out for it if speech to text is a feature you think you might find useful.

Source: Google

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