January update is screwing up in-car Bluetooth connectivity for Pixel owners

Updates are generally viewed as a good thing because it usually means that they come with bug fixes, improved security, better performance, new features, and so on. But sometimes our phone updates can also mess things up, kind of like Google’s latest January 2023 update for their Pixel phones.

According to a variety of user reports posted onto platforms like Reddit, it seems that following the January 2023 update, Pixel 6 and Pixel 7 owners are reporting that they are having trouble connecting to their car’s Bluetooth system. It doesn’t appear to be limited to any particular car model, meaning that the issue probably has to do with the phone and less with the Bluetooth system used by the car.

One of the posters claimed that Google had gotten in touch with them and offered to take their phone to a service center to get it looked at, but the poster claims that since this was their only phone, it wasn’t a very feasible idea. They did find a workaround using a wired connection, but it seems that they still experience frequent disconnects.

It is unclear how widespread of an issue this is, but either way if you are experiencing something similar, you’re not alone. Also, if connecting to your car’s Bluetooth is important to you, then maybe hold off on the January update for now until Google addresses the issue and a solution is found.

Source: reddit

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