Wear OS 3 finally comes to the Skagen Flaster Gen 6

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The Skagen Flaster Gen 6 is one of many smartwatches that weren’t part of the Wear OS 3 upgrade. At least not initially. Android Police reports that the device is now starting to receive the software update. This will bring it in line with Fossil’s other Gen 6 watches that got the update last year. This also puts it on equal ground with devices like the Google Pixel Watch and Galaxy Watch 5 series from Samsung. Both of which launched with the software.

There doesn’t seem to be a confirmation from Skagen about the update officially rolling out. But multiple users appear to have received it at this point. With that being said, if the update isn’t available for you, you can always try to download it manually. If that doesn’t work, then you may just need to wait a little longer and let it show up in its own time.

Wear OS 3 on the Skagen Falster Gen 6 is missing a few things

While the update is starting to hit devices, it seems it isn’t coming with everything you would expect in tow. Namely, Google Assistant. This is a feature that is limited to the Galaxy Watch 4, Galaxy Watch 5, and Pixel Watch. That could change in the future but at the moment you’ll need one of those watches to use Google Assistant from your wrist.

In addition to missing Google Assistant, the watch is also now reportedly missing some of the watch faces that used to be there with the previous version of Wear OS. Skagen looks to have removed these watch faces as part of the update. Why though is unclear.

You do however get access to Alexa with the update. So you’re not entirely without a voice assistant to dictate commands to your many smart devices around the home. Alongside Alexa, users will have a more stock experience with the Wear OS software. Including all the visual updates to tiles, apps and more.

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