Google Play Store and the App Store are flooded with fake ChatGPT apps

OpenAI ChatGPT

With the rise in popularity of the ChatGPT online service, some fake services have begun masquerading, claiming to offer similar services. Some of these fake apps are trying to fool users into thinking that they are from OpenAI. Recent reports show a rise in the presence of such fake apps on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Different developers on both Android and iOS have begun copying the OpenAI chat system. This copycat work has led to the creation of various apps that claim to be AI chatbots from OpenAI. Sadly, some of these developers are openly trying to mimic OpenAI in a bid to trick users into downloading their apps.

Telling ChatGPT apart from the hoard of fake imposter apps on the Google Play Store and App Store

OpenAI launched its popular AI chatbot back in the month of November last year. Ever since its launch, this web platform has left lots of users mesmerized by its detailed response to questions. Most people have turned to this system for research and some other sketchy purposes.

Its popularity has drawn some attention its way, the most recent being from developers. Searching both the Google Play Store and App Store for ‘ChatGPT’ pulls up a ton of results. But does OpenAI have an app for its AI chatbot? The answer is a resounding no!

Ever since its launch, the ChatGPT software has been accessible only via the web platform. Currently, users can’t make use of this tool because the service is currently at its capacity. But, while it was available for use, the service was free, hence making it stand out from the current imposters.

Most of the fake ChatGPT apps available for download require users to pay a set price before they could make use of them. Well, reports have it that OpenAI is working on a premium version of ChatGPT that will require a subscription. But, this premium version is not yet available to the public for usage.

None of the ChatGPT apps on the Google Play Store and App Store are from OpenAI. Both the Android and iOS platforms will need to look into these apps for possible security risks as their downloads are rapidly increasing.

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