The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 could come with an improved hinge design

As much as Samsung would like to believe that the crease in the displays of its foldable phones has improved, it is still quite obvious. While some users might be fine with it and have gotten used to it, others view it as a bit of an eyesore and it is one of the reasons why some customers have yet to get their hands on one.

The good news is that for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5, Samsung could finally be introducing some changes to address the issue of the crease in its display. According to a tweet by Ice Universe, they claim that Samsung is expected to introduce a “droplet” hinge design for the Fold 5.

For those unfamiliar, the “droplet” design is where the foldable display curves into the hinge of the phone when it is closed, creating a water droplet shape. This is opposed to the current design which is kind of like the hinge of a door where it just opens and closes shut normally. The tweet goes on to claim that despite utilizing this design, Samsung is still able to keep the phone water resistant.

We’re not sure how big of a change it will be in terms of the crease’s visibility, but for those who hate seeing a crease in the middle of their display, this could be good news. The Fold 5 is expected to be announced alongside the Flip 5 later this year, so there is still a bit of waiting to do before we get the official details.

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