Google Pixel tablet will use Fast Pair for its stylus

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The anticipated Google Pixel tablet will use an important feature to tell its stylus battery level. Recent reports on this coming tablet from Google have it that it will come with the Fast Pair feature. This feature will come in handy to users that will purchase this tablet along with its stylus pen.

Currently, the Fast Pair feature is used by a number of Bluetooth accessories. These accessories include the Google Pixel Buds, smartwatches, headphones, and so much more. The Fast Pair feature indicates the Bluetooth device’s battery percentage once it is connected to an Android device, though that’s just a part of its functionality.

According to reliable sources, that Fast Pair feature will also kick in once the stylus pen gets connected to the Pixel tablet. Although we are still expecting the launch of the Pixel tablet, this feature will come in handy for users. But what is the evidence that points out the presence of this feature on Google’s upcoming tablet?

Google Play Service reveals Fast Pair support for the Pixel tablet

The folks at 9to5Google were able to spot Fast Pair support for a stylus. This was possible after an APK teardown of the Google Play Services for Wear OS v23.02.13. After the teardown, various strings were found revealing Fast Pair support for a stylus.

A closer look at these strings shows off three battery-level notifications for the stylus. The first level is ‘Battery getting low,’ next is ‘Low battery,’ and lastly ‘Very low battery.’ All three notifications will pop up on the Pixel tablet display’s interface to indicate the battery level of the connected stylus pen.

The battery notifications come with charging prompts to inform users when they need to charge their stylus. This will help users that constantly use the stylus pen not to run out of battery unknowingly. Also, the sources of this information say that the Google Pixel tablet will launch with a battery widget for the stylus pen.

Asides from getting low battery updates, users will also be able to tell their stylus battery percentage by glancing at a widget. This will enable them to know exactly when to charge their stylus pen. There is no information on how Google intends to charge its coming tablet’s stylus pen. 

For the majority, magnetic charging will be the preferred option. This will make charging the Google Pixel tablet’s stylus pen easy and convenient. More information on this tablet and its specifications will be available in the coming months.

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