You can reserve your new Galaxy S23 & Galaxy Book now and get up to $100 in Credit

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Last night, Samsung announced that it is holding its Unpacked event on February 1, in San Francisco. This is going to be the company’s first in-person event since before the pandemic, and it looks like we’re getting new laptops and smartphones at this event.

With the announcement last night, Samsung also opened up Samsung Reserve for this event. So you can reserve your new Galaxy S23 and new Galaxy Book (or one of the two) and get up to $100 in Samsung Credit towards your purchase.

The way it works is, you head to this website. Choose which device you want to reserve, or you can choose both. Then enter your name and email address. Then click on the “Reserve Now” button. And boom, you’re done. By reserving these devices, there is no commitment to purchase either one. So if you’re currently on the fence about buying either one, it’s a good idea to reserve them. Especially since you don’t have to buy it.

You can reserve your Galaxy phone and Galaxy Book now through February 1, before the event starts. Pre-orders will likely open once Unpacked ends on February 1.

Samsung Reserve –

Samsung confirms we’re getting new smartphones and laptops at Unpacked

Now, this does confirm to us that we are getting new smartphones and laptops at the event on February 1. Of course, we did already know that there would be the Galaxy S23 family announced at this event. But we were wondering what else might be in-store for Unpacked. And it looks like, new Galaxy Books.

This page doesn’t tell us a whole lot else about these devices, as expected. Samsung does want to keep some surprises for February 1. The images for these devices are just very generic silhouettes, as you might expect. Though we aren’t expecting the Galaxy S23 design to change a whole lot this year, and the silhouette does look very similar to the Galaxy S22 Ultra from last year.

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