Samsung adds 5 devices to its self-repair program, includes Galaxy S22 phones

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The tech community fought tooth and nail for the ability to repair devices at home. Since then, Apple, Google, and Samsung made strides in letting people repair their own devices. Samsung has a self-repair program, and it just added five new devices including the Galaxy S22 phones.

Starting last Summer, Samsung allowed people to repair their broken devices through its self-repair program. When it first started, the program allowed you to fix a handful of the then-current Galaxy phones. It partnered with iFixit to provide genuine Samsung parts so that you can repair your phone safely.

Now, you can self-repair your Galaxy S22 phones and more

Samsung’s self-repair program has expanded to more devices since then. According to Samsung (via Android Authority), the company just added five more devices to its list of compatible gadgets. The first three are the soon-to-be-succeeded Galaxy S22 phones.

The next ones are actually Galaxy Books. You’ll be able to fix the 15″ Galaxy Book Pro and the 15″ Galaxy Book Pro 360. These devices are in addition to the Galaxy S20/S21 phones and the Galaxy Tab S7+.

What can you fix with this program?

When it comes to the phones, Samsung’s program is a bit limited. When we first heard about the program, the company announced that you’ll be able to repair components such as the display, rear glass, and charging port. Sadly, that list hasn’t gotten any bigger.

Google has a similar self-repair program where you get a kit of parts via iFixit. In Google’s case, you’re able to repair the display, battery, camera, “and more.”

As for the Galaxy Books, the program is a bit more robust. You’ll get a kit of seven components. These will allow you to replace your display, case front, case rear, battery, touchpad, rubber foot, and power key. That’s a much better list than what the phones have.

If you have a Galaxy device with a part that needs replacing, then you’ll want to look into this program to get it fixed up.

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