Google Podcasts disappears from search results as Google shifts focus

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Google has a tendency to discontinue products that don’t meet its success standards. Now, the lesser-known podcast player app, Google Podcasts, may be facing discontinuation as the play buttons linking to the app in search results have disappeared. As a result, listeners can no longer access podcasts directly from their results.

Speculations on Google’s changing priorities

When Google Podcasts was first launched, it promised a seamless experience for listeners by allowing them to search and start a podcast from any device, be it a desktop browser, mobile phone, or smart speaker. The app quickly gained a lot of momentum in the first couple of years, thanks in part to its seamless experience. Users could easily switch between devices and pick up where they left off in a podcast without losing their place or having to manually sync their progress. Additionally, the integration with Google Assistant and Google Home devices allowed users to control their listening experience with voice commands, making it easy for users to start, stop, and skip through episodes without having to fumble with their devices.

However, Google has recently slowed down its investment in the platform, with the app receiving its last redesign on mobile and some improvements on the web back in 2020. Meanwhile, other podcasting platforms have continued to innovate and improve their offerings, leading to speculation that Google may be shifting its focus away from the platform.

Google’s response to rumors

When asked for a comment, Google stated that this was an intentional change and they are constantly experimenting with ways to improve their products. Furthermore, when asked about the app’s future in the context of Bloomberg’s report, which stated that Google has shifted its focus to YouTube for its podcast efforts, Google said, “YouTube and Google Podcasts serve different needs. Both serve podcast listeners today, and we are not changing this right now. We have nothing more to share at this time.”

It remains uncertain what the future holds for Google Podcasts. However, with Google’s recent decision to remove Podcasts from Search results, it’s clear that the company is shifting its focus away from the platform.

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