Instagram introduces ‘Quiet Mode’ & more new features

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Instagram is always adding some new features to make the experience better (well, most of them do). The company just unveiled some new features that will definitely help if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by the platform. Instagram added a new quiet mode along with some other additions, according to Engadget.

Just recently, the photo/video-sharing platform made some changes to the navigation bar that houses the essential tabs. The Reels button is no longer front and center, and it’s been replaced by the Create button. Also, the Shopping button has been removed from the platform. You’re still able to buy products through the Stories and Reels, however.

Instagram adds new quiet mode and more

Starting off with quiet mode, this is like Do Not Disturb mode for Instagram. It’s neat receiving IG notifications, but there are times when you don’t them at all. Maybe you have class or a meeting, and you don’t want the interruption. Or, perhaps, you just feel that checking your notifications just takes up too much of your day and you want to break away.

Whatever the case, the quiet mode will help you out. As the name implies, this mode quiets the platform. This means that you won’t receive any notifications at all while it’s activated.

Also, quiet mode is like setting yourself as “away” on Instagram. If you message someone with quiet mode on, you’ll get a reply message saying “User wasn’t notified about this message because they’re in quiet mode” Next to that, you’ll see the option to turn on the mode for yourself. Lastly, when you visit their profile, you’ll see a little “In quiet mode” indicator under the profile picture.

Next, Instagram will make it easier to shoo away content that you don’t want to see. For starters, you’re able to go to the Explore Tab, hold your finger down on multiple tiles, and tap “Not interested”. This will deprioritize posts like these for you. You won’t be recommended those types of photos/videos, and they’ll be hidden when you search.

You can take this even further with this next feature. You’re able to choose words and hashtags that you don’t want to be recommended to you as well. So, if there’s a #PancakeChallenge, you can set it so that you won’t be recommended content with that hashtag. You also won’t be recommended that content if those words are in the description.

This next one is for worried parents

Rounding out the changes, Instagram will tell parents their kids’ app settings. This will make it easier to keep an eye on what their kids are doing. These features are currently rolling out in the States, so if you’re in that region, you should check to see if there are any updates to the app.

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