WhatsApp will soon enable users to share original quality images

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Users of WhatsApp around the world face a peculiar problem when it comes to sharing original quality images. For certain reasons, the social media platform reduces the quality of images sent via its messaging feature. This has made lots of users shy away from sharing pictures using WhatsApp and opt for other sharing services like Nearby Share.

Well, all of that is about to change as the Meta-owned company is working on fixing this issue. According to reports from WABetaInfo, users will soon be able to share images in their original quality. The recent WhatsApp Beta version shows off the new feature to help users retain the quality of images they send to their friends.

Sharing images in their original quality via WhatsApp will soon become possible

WABetaInfo has spotted a new feature that will help improve the quality of images shared through WhatsApp. This feature comes with the latest Beta version of the application. With the new Beta version, the picture-sharing interface of WhatsApp comes with a settings button.

This new setting button sits beside the crop, emoji, text, and pen buttons used to edit the picture. By tapping on this button, a user can select the quality they wish the image to be sent. Currently, the options to share an image via WhatsApp are automatic, best quality, and data saver.

These options do not share an image in its original quality, as they still compress them. Well, the new Beta version of WhatsApp comes with the option to share images in their original quality. With the new setting button, users can send an image in its original quality to friends.

For now, this feature is only available to beta testers as it hasn’t been rolled out to the public. This feature will come as an update to WhatsApp, which will be available in the coming weeks. Once available, users of the Meta-owned social media platform will be able to share original quality images with others.

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