You can soon view your Nest camera feed from your Galaxy Watch

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Samsung is going to be pushing out an update to Galaxy Watch devices that opens up new features for Nest security cameras among other things, 9To5Google reports. The update is for the SmartThings app on Galaxy Watch, and is intended to enhance smart home integration by introducing users to new features and capabilities.

According to Samsung, the update is “coming soon” and is not available to users just yet. The company also doesn’t say when the update is actually going live. But once it drops, users will be able to “monitor and control more of their smart home right from their wrist.” Using the current SmartThings app on Galaxy Watch, it’s already possible to control some smart home devices. Including TVs, A/C, lights, and speakers as well as a number of other device types.

This new update to SmartThings will expand on the device categories. Integrating smart home control of thermostats, blinds, and air purifiers just to name a few. Of course, Nest camera integration is on the list.

Galaxy Watch will soon allow you to view your Nest camera feed

If you have smart home security cameras around your home, you probably like to keep a watchful eye on things. Or at the very least you enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that things are being recorded. If you’re the type to check on your camera feeds from time to time, then this update is for you.

The ability to view camera feeds will support both cameras from Ring and Nest. For the Ring brand, this includes the Ring doorbell camera. Videos feeds are also live and in real-time. So you’re able to see what’s going on right that very moment, all from your wrist.

Samsung says two-way talk is also supported if you’re using a Ring camera. If you don’t have any security cameras yet and have been considering picking some up, this might be an incentive to choose Ring over Nest.

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