You’ll soon be able to update your WhatsApp Status with a voice note

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According to recent reports, WhatsApp is working on voice notes status uploads. This is a feature that users around the world will find very helpful. Once this rolls out to the global audience, users will no longer need to type long status updates.

With a simple tap of a button, WhatsApp users will be able to upload a voice note to their status. Available information on this feature shows how it will work once it is launched via an update. Already, certain beta testers have access to this feature for trial before it rolls out.

There are a lot of questions concerning this coming feature. This article will answer some of these questions using the information available. Let’s now learn more about this feature coming to WhatsApp.

Here is all you need to know about the coming WhatsApp voice status feature

What is this WhatsApp voice status feature all about? It is similar to the voice notes you send while chatting with a friend on WhatsApp. From the shared images from WABetaInfo, the status interface will have a microphone icon for recording a voice note. This will become available with a coming update to WhatsApp on Android and iOS.

How long can a voice status be? For videos and text status uploads, WhatsApp put a limit of 30 seconds and 700 characters respectively. So, it is only natural to expect a similar limit with the coming voice status uploads. At the moment, there is no information on how long a voice status can be.

Who will have access to my voice status? This coming feature is just like every other status you post on WhatsApp and will be available to people that you give viewing permission.

To confirm who has viewing permission on your contact list, take the following steps. Go to status privacy on WhatsApp, and confirm if you turned on the “My contacts except” option. If you did, you can select who has permission to view your status and who doesn’t. But, if the “My contacts” option is on, then all your contacts will be able to listen to your voice status upload.

When will this feature be available? Currently, this feature is in its beta testing stage and not available to the global community. Its time of release is still unclear, but once it is available, it will roll out via an app update. WABetaInfo says that this feature will become available in the coming weeks.

Just like with regular voice notes, users will be able to listen to their voice statuses before sending it out. There is also the option to delete the voice status after recording it if you wish. There is a lot of hype around this feature, and it will be making its way to you in no time.

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