AI may make your Pixel Wallpaper one day

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AI is one of the many buzzwords in the tech industry along with crypto, NFT, metaverse, etc. It’s a pretty heavy focus for the search giant Google, and it’s proving it by unveiling 20 AI products at Google I/O 2023. One of the products looks to be an AI wallpaper maker for Pixel phones.

Google is keeping a stiff upper lip in the wake of its recent massive layoff. The company had to let go of about 12,000 people. That’s no small amount, but it’s on par with the likes of Meta’s and Amazon’s layoffs. They both laid off about as many people. While the company had to get rid of so many people, it’s still pressing forward.

Google is working on an AI wallpaper maker for Pixel phones

According to The New York Times, (via 9To5Google) Google is already working on what it’s going to announce during its annual developer conference Google I/O. During the event, the company usually announces software products and innovations that will help push it and Android further. Last year, the company gave us a bit of a surprise and introduced the Pixel 6a during the event.

During the next event, it seems that Google will take the wraps off of a new AI project that will add some flair to your Pixel phone. It sounds like the company is working on an AI-powered wallpaper maker for Pixel phones. So, Google will use its AI wizardry to create never-before-seen wallpaper specifically for your phone. That sounds interesting if you’re the type of person who spends 40 minutes scrolling through Zedge for that perfect wallpaper.

The thing is that we don’t know how this is going to work just yet. It almost sounds like it’ll be a text prompt-based affair like MidJourney or DALL-E. The only Google property that comes close to that would be Imagen. The company didn’t launch a version of that for the public, but this could be its public debut. That’s only speculation at this point.

Since we’re months away from even the announcement, we can expect it to be a while before we actually see this for our eyes. Hopefully, we will get more updates on this feature before Google I/O.

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