ChatGPT AI technology is a wake-up call for Google co-founders

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Recent reports say that Google co-founders are looking for ways to tackle the Open ChatGPT platform. This AI-driven platform is proving to be a threat to Google’s search business. Since its inception back in November 2022, some people have turned to it to get answers to various questions.

With its training, this AI-driven platform can answer even complex questions to the best of its ability. Sometimes its answers might be wrong, but this doesn’t stop it from having a response to give users. Slowly, some people are abandoning Google search and relying on ChatGPT for their various research needs.

If left unchecked, OpenAI might cripple Google’s search business. On its part, Google isn’t having any of this, as the firm has initiated a “code red” plan to tackle ChatGPT. Now, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, Google co-founders, are stepping into the playing field as well.

Google’s co-founders seem to be a bit worried about ChatGPT chatbot

According to the New York Times, Google has called on their co-founders for help in tackling the ChatGPT threat. Sergey Brin and Larry Page have “held several meetings” with executives at Google. The outcome of these meetings would help Google square up against OpenAI in a bid to save the search business.

Although full details on the meetings are not available, those familiar with the matter gave the public a brief on what to expect. To battle OpenAI, Google will integrate more chatbot features into its search engine. This will help improve the overall experience while using Google’s search engine on any platform.

Already, Google has a ton of AI technology at its disposal, but most aren’t available to the public. Some of these AI technologies are PaLM and GPT-3, the latter has grown in popularity since the launch of ChatGPT. Google will need to integrate these technologies into more products that are accessible to the public.

Microsoft is also stepping up the competition by adding ChatGPT to its Bing search engine. This might make more users move over to Bing if Google doesn’t take preventive measures. Over the coming months, Google will continue to test its AI technology to ensure it is safe for public usage.

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