Opinion: The Razer Edge couldn’t be coming at a better time

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Razer officially announced its Edge portable gaming handheld at RazerCon in 2022 and it finally arrives tomorrow, January 26. And it couldn’t be coming at a better time. With consoles like the Switch having been out for years now and really amping up the popularity of portable gaming, and devices like the Steam Deck, as well as portable PCs from brands like AYANEO and GPD releasing within the last year, Razer is coming in with its own vision for portable gaming at a great time.

Though the Razer Edge is considerably more niche since it focuses mostly on cloud gaming. The point is, portable handheld gaming devices are seeing increased popularity of late. Thanks to all of those devices. Even Logitech’s G Cloud gaming handheld has helped pave the way for Razer. Presenting gamers on the go with a lightweight option that performs rather well. Razer’s Edge though has numerous advantages over the G Cloud. Including a higher resolution, higher refresh rate display, and of course, connectivity with Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband.

With that in mind, the Razer Edge should be fairly successful. It has every reason to be. Portable gaming devices are more popular than ever. And even though Razer’s device won’t play PC games locally, the Verizon 5G will let you stream games through the cloud pretty much anywhere. Therein lies another big reason why the Edge couldn’t be coming at a better time.

The Razer Edge is a portable gamer’s dream thanks to GeForce NOW

I’ve been a big fan of GeForce NOW since it launched. And it’s only gotten better. Though GeForce NOW won’t be the only cloud gaming service available on the Edge, it is probably the best option. Since you can use it to play games on the Edge that you already own on Steam, the Epic Games Store, Ubisoft Connect and more.

So why do I think the Razer Edge couldn’t be coming at a better time? Aside from portable gaming devices being more popular than ever, it’s also because you can score a free two-month trial to GeForce NOW, courtesy of Ubisoft. On January 24 Ubisoft began sending out emails to Ubisoft account members containing unique codes that will let you claim a free trial of GeForce NOW’s priority membership. Just two days before the Razer Edge launch date. It’s really perfect timing.

As you’ll be able to test out the service on the Edge as soon as you receive it. And with the Verizon model, you can play those games wherever 5G coverage is available. Then revert to WiFi at home if you wish. I can’t say this timing was planned, but it really doesn’t matter. Because it works in Razer’s favor.

Ultra-portable, ultra-cool

When it comes to gaming on the go, it’s nice to have a full-fledged machine like a gaming laptop. However, as portable as they’ve become, they can’t beat the portability of handheld gaming devices. I absolutely love the portability of the Steam Deck. But, it’s still a weighty device. And this is where the Razer Edge can gain some traction.

It’s going to be an ultra-portable gaming handheld because it’s essentially a tablet that slots into a Razer Kishi V2 Pro (which comes bundled with the Edge). When it comes time to pack it away, you can slip it out of the controller’s grasp and tuck each one away in your bag. Ultimately taking up less space than if it were one solid unit like the Steam Deck or Logitech G Cloud.

Razer is also showing off its expertise in delivering ultra-cool designs. Yes, I’m referring to the looks. As much as one can admire the simplistic aesthetics of a rectangular slab. But I’m also referring to the cooling. Razer no doubt employs actual wizards for its engineers. Who time and again seem to come up with cooling solutions in super slim machines like magic.

The Edge, according to Razer, boasts active cooling for “long gaming sessions of AAA titles and native games on the go.” While I don’t imagine the unit would get too warm playing games in the cloud, whatever heat the Edge would put out while streaming, in conjunction with its 144Hz FHD+ display, should be kept in check. Especially if you’re playing native mobile titles like Genshin Impact. Which causes top-tier gaming phones like the ROG 6 Pro to get noticeably warm.

All-in-all, the Edge is promising a great gaming experience with fluid visuals and long-lasting performance if the temperatures stay low. Here’s hoping it lives up that promise. The Razer Edge launches on January 26, available in a WiFi-only model on Razer.com and in a 5G model available through Verizon.com and at Verizon retail locations.

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