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Thanks to the internet, there are about 1,001 ways to learn about any trade. Some of these means can lead to actual college credits to put toward your degree like Coursera. YouTube has gotten in on some of this action. Thanks to a partnership between YouTube, Arizona State University (ASU), and Crash Course, it’s a lot easier to earn college credits just by watching videos.

This partnership isn’t exactly new, as YouTube partnered with both ASU and Crash Course last year to show useful college-related information. These courses are available to watch on the channel named “Study Hall” which has 41.9K subscribers at the moment.

It’s full of videos full of useful information about getting into and thriving within your preferred college. If you have any questions about topics like these, you can check out the introductory video below.

You can earn college credits through this YouTube partnership

General consensus: College is expensive! We all know the trouble with securing funding to attend college, and it can sometimes have years-long ramifications in the form of student loans. Not only that, but in today’s economy, there’s a lot less money going around.

This is why the Google-owned company partnered with Crash Course and ASU. It’s to make useful tools and resources more accessible to people who don’t have money for college. The channel already has some great stuff for free, so you can watch it all you want.

Starting off, the companies are offering four courses starting on March 7th. These courses are American History, College Math, Human Communication, and English Composition. They’re deemed the most common courses for first-year college students. These courses are free, but if you want to get the full courses, you can pay a low $25 fee. You’ll have access to the full curriculum, direct interactions with students, and direct interactions with faculty members.

However, if you want to earn the credits using these courses, the fee will be much higher. Unlocking the full credit will cost you $400 per course. While that seems quite high, it’s a lot lower than comparable courses in private and public colleges.

According to the companies, this fee is about 10% of the cost for comparable courses in a private college. It’s even about a third of the price of the same course for community colleges. $400 may seem like a lot of money for most situations, but when it comes to college, it’s chump change. If you sign up for the classes before March 7th, you’ll get a $50 discount. Just remember that this is per course.

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