Samsung builds Galaxy S23 hype with spectacular 3D projection

Samsung Galaxy S23 launch 3D projection

Samsung has ramped up its preparations for the Galaxy S23 launch next week. To build some hype around the new flagships ahead of the big launch event on February 1, the company has put up a spectacular 3D projection promoting the devices on an office building in Italy. The projection covers the front of the Samsung District building in Milan with some cool visuals that highlight the camera capabilities of the unannounced phones.

As you can see in the video at the end of this article, Samsung is showcasing various camera features of the Galaxy S23 lineup through this massive 3D teaser. The company is focusing on zoom and low-light photography, among other things. “Preparati ad accendere la notte,” the video says at the end, which is Italian for “Get ready to light up the night”. “Wooow” and “Zoom” are other catchphrases seen in the video. If you remember, we recently saw these phrases in leaked Galaxy S23 teasers.

Cameras remain Samsung’s focus with the Galaxy S23 series

Samsung isn’t building this hype around the Galaxy S23 cameras for nothing. Based on leaks so far, the new flagships are shaping up to be photography powerhouses. If not all three models, the Galaxy S23 Ultra appears all set to raise the bar for smartphone photography next month. It will feature a 200MP camera at the back. Samsung is equipping the phone with its third-gen 200MP sensor. It must have taken lessons from the first two generations and implemented those in the latest solution.

The primary shooter on the Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23+ is still a 50MP camera as last year. But, Samsung may have upgraded the sensor, as it did with the ultrawide lens. Despite retaining the 12MP resolution, the ultrawide camera on the new Galaxy flagships is reportedly a newer sensor. Even if the smaller two models don’t get a hardware upgrade for the main camera, Samsung could improve the picture quality with improvements in camera software and processing.

This is reportedly what it has done with the zoom cameras. The 3X and 10X optical zoom solutions on the Galaxy S23 Ultra (3X only on the smaller models) are the same sensors as last year. But leaked zoom samples suggest notable improvements in picture quality. We also recently saw a selfie sample from the Ultra model, and it painted a promising picture too. The entire Galaxy S23 lineup is getting a new 12MP selfie camera. A few more days of waiting and we will no longer need to rely on leaks. Meanwhile, check out Samsung’s impressive 3D projection below.

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