New “self-healing display” patent points towards foldable iPhone or iPad

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Apple has seemingly secured its second “self-healing display” patent (US-20230011092-A1) in the US, reports Gizmochina, in addition to a “crack-resistant display” patent. All of this seems to bring us closer to a foldable iPhone or iPad.

Apple’s new “self-healing display” patent seems to bring us closer to a foldable iPhone / iPad

Don’t get your hopes up, though, as such a product seems to be far away still, this is just a patent. It’s an interesting one, though. In any case, these patents have seemingly been listed with the United States Patent and Trademark Organization (USPTO).

The first patent (crack resistant one) relates to a tree-layer foldable display, which is crack-resistant. This display uses a flexible substrate layer, a thin-film transistor layer, and a protective layer. The whole point of the protective layer (which is at the top) is to protect the flexible substrate. This should ensure the durability of the display.

Apple crack resistant foldable display patent

Now, the second patent is for a “self-healing display”, and it’s kind of literal. The protective layer at the top can heal itself from minor scratches and regular wear and tear, allegedly. We don’t really know how exactly it’s supposed to work. It most likely includes a composite chemical material, which helps remove/conceal very minor scratches.

We’ve already seen such tech in the past, mostly in concept displays. Apple could bring it to the real product, though, it seems, if it ends up using this patent.

Don’t expect a foldable product from Apple to arrive this year

Don’t expect a foldable iPhone or iPad to launch this year, though. Apple could always surprise us, but up until now, the rumors don’t point to it, at all. The question is if we’ll get it in 2024, let alone in 2023.

A foldable iPad is tipped to launch first, though, prior to a foldable iPhone. Apple usually takes its sweet time with new tech, so this is not surprising. Foldable smartphones have been around for years and years, but Apple has no problem waiting for the right time to make such a product.

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