“The Last of Us” Episode 1 is Available on YouTube Right Now

In a surprisingly pleasant (and much-welcome) move, HBO’s hit “Last of Us” TV adaptation has been made available for free streaming on YouTube. More specifically, the show’s first episode is currently free in its entirety via Sky TV’s YouTube channel, since the show airs on Sky TV in the UK, and on HBO for US viewers.

The episode was uploaded ahead of the third episode’s release. The show follows Joel and Ellie (played by Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey, respectively), two survivors in a post-apocalyptic world which has been ravaged by a deadly virus. Based on a PlayStation-exclusive video game series, the show has been met with positive reviews so far.

“The Last of US” was originally released in 2013 by developer Naughty Dog studios and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. The franchise has been well-received in general, and is often included as among the best games in the PlayStation’s library. It has since spawned a sequel, DLC, and even a remake for the PS5.

With that said, the episode is age-restricted on YouTube due to its content, although it’s a nice way of promoting the show for viewers who are otherwise curious about the franchise and its premise.

Source: Sky TV (YouTube)

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