Don’t install OxygenOS 13 F.19 on your OnePlus 9/9 Pro

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OnePlus is distributing updates to its older phones, and the latest to get a new update are the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro. However, the company just advised its users not to download this latest update. Winkey W from the OnePlus software team just told OnePlus 9 users not to download OxygenOS 13 F.19.

A lot OnePlus 9 users got this news rather late, as OnePlus’ staff were off during the Chinese New Year. Unfortunately, this means that several users were able to download the update. The company promptly addressed the community through a forum post. The post currently has 5.6k views, so, hopefully, more people will see this message.

So, what’s wrong with OxygenOS 13 F.19?

There’s no use in sugar-coating it; this situation is pretty bad. Those unfortunate enough to install the update will find their devices pretty much bricked. After installing the update, some users found that their devices won’t boot at all. It was so bad that the company immediately pulled the update and started working on fixing the issue.

In the meantime, if you installed the update only to have your device soft-bricked, the best thing to do is to take your phone to a OnePlus care center. The company will be able to recover the device with no data loss. We’re not sure if you’re able to send the company if you don’t have access to a care center. You can try contacting the company.

In other OnePlus news: We may know the name of the OnePlus foldable phones

OnePlus has been gearing up to make its foray into the foldable phone market. While we don’t know much about these phones, their potential names have just been leaked. It appears that these phones will be called the OnePlus V Fold and the OnePlus V Flip. We’re not sure what kind of specs to expect from these phones, but more details will come on before we get an official announcement.

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