Gmail sync with Salesforce: how does it work?

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You can bring Gmail and Salesforce together to achieve a more productive platform. It lets you access Salesforce data directly in Gmail, and you can switch back to Salesforce to create records or view emails. Your entire team is synced, and they no longer need to worry about manual data entry.

The integration process is simple and takes a few minutes to complete. The benefits your sales team gets are many. They keep their records organized, schedule meetings, and reduce the time taken to switch between the two platforms to organize data.

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How can you sync Gmail with Salesforce?

After completing Salesforce integration with Gmail, it is easy to access Salesforce features in Gmail and use them to log emails and create reports and records. You can also access email templates in Salesforce while still on Gmail. But you might ask, how does Gmail sync work with Salesforce? Here are the steps to follow:

Step one: Sign in to Salesforce

Sign in to Salesforce. Check the Gear icon and click on it. On the menu that opens, click Setup. Type Gmail Integration and Sync in the Quick Find Box and click on it.

Step two: Sign in to Gmail

Now sign in to your Gmail account. Check the icon showing Log in to Salesforce and click on it. A menu will open where you can log in with your Salesforce username and password. You now have access to all your Gmail data in Salesforce and vice versa. You must make sure that the Enable Enhanced Email with Gmail icon is enabled.

It will allow your sales team to create content, add attachments, and access all data in both tools. You can now customize the tools to give various permissions to your teams. You can improve Gmail-Salesforce functionality by adding the Salesforce Gmail plugin from It helps keep your CRM updated and captures all sales activities automatically.

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What do you get from Salesforce and Gmail sync?

One of the pain points that sales reps experience is having to manually update Salesforce data daily. It impacts negatively on their productivity and could lead to talented sales reps leaving your company. Salesforce Gmail sync revolutionizes your sales cycle in different ways.

  • Improves sales team productivity: Sales teams spend a lot of time updating the CRM, but integration eliminates manual work. It automates activities and thus improves sales team productivity.
  • Improves visibility of sales cycles: When all updating is done manually, about 40% of sales data is never updated in Salesforce. Due to this, sales teams do not get clear visibility of the sales cycle and thus miss opportunities. Syncing allows automation and increases visibility.
  • Removes errors and redundancy: Manual processes are prone to errors and redundancy. It causes a compromise of data quality and increases the chances of duplicated or missing data. Syncing ensures there are no errors or redundancy in data.
  • Improved communication and data value: Syncing integrates email with salesforce data where the sales team can view customer information in one place. The team communicates with customers on time. The company gets more data value when sales teams leverage data to make sales decisions.

Pros & cons of Salesforce and Gmail sync

Your sales team reaps various benefits after syncing Gmail with Salesforce, but it is necessary to look into the challenges too.


  • It becomes possible to auto-log various tasks, emails, and telephone calls in Salesforce. Your sales team no longer needs to spend too much time logging.
  • Sales teams get access to view contacts and gain insights from accounts which improves communication.
  • Your team of sales reps improves productivity
  • Elimination of errors and redundancy


  • Possibility of data threats and attacks through CRM or Gmail
  • Everyone with access permission can view data from different teams, which reduces privacy
  • Users might experience syncing errors such as login or Salesforce failing to work.


Salesforce can sync with Gmail to create a more functional platform. The process completes within a few minutes, and sales teams benefit from a centralized view of communication and data. It eliminates errors and keeps all data updated. Sales teams improve productivity, collaboration, and visibility of sales cycles.


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