Apex Legends Mobile will be shutting down for good

Nothing lasts forever, and this is especially true in Respawn’s shocking announcement when the company revealed that they will be shutting Apex Legends Mobile in the next 90 days.

Games shutting down isn’t particularly surprising, especially if they’ve been around for years and the player base is starting to dwindle and developers are choosing to focus their time and resources elsewhere. But in this case, it did come as a surprise as Apex Legends Mobile was launched to great financial success and even won awards for it. According to Respawn:

“Following a strong start, the content pipeline for Apex Legends Mobile has begun to fall short of that bar for quality, quantity, and cadence. It is for this reason, after months of working with our development partner, that we have made the mutual decision to sunset our mobile game.  Although disappointing, we are proud of the game we launched, are grateful for the support of the Apex Legends community, and are confident that this is the right decision for players.”

The game will still be playable until the 1st of May, 2023 at 4PM PDT. All purchases made in the game will continue to be usable and valid until the game officially shuts down, but there will not be any refunds, so now might not be a good time to make in-app purchases since you’ll only have 3 months to use it.

Respawn also notes that the shutting down of Apex Legends Mobile will not affect the PC and console versions of the game, so those will continue while the mobile version will be bidding gamers farewell in the coming months.

Source: EA

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