This iPhone 15 Ultra concept is trying to be realistic: video

iPhone 15 Ultra concept featured

The iPhone 15 series will launch later this year. Apple is rumored to replace the ‘Pro Max’ naming with ‘Ultra’ naming for its flagship model, and a new concept phone just appeared. The iPhone 15 Ultra concept just surfaced, and it’s trying to be realistic, as it’s based on rumors.

A realistic iPhone 15 Ultra concept appears

This concept has been created by Technizo Concept, which we’re very familiar with. That YouTube channel often releases various smartphone concepts. This one could even be close to the real deal.

That YouTube channel actually released two videos for the iPhone 15 Ultra concept, and both are embedded below the article. The iPhone 15 Ultra here looks very similar to the iPhone 14 Pro Max, with a very notable difference… solid-state buttons.

A recent rumor, from a well-known source, suggested that the iPhone 15 Pro and Ultra will feature solid-state power and volume buttons. Well, you can see them in action on this concept phone.

What does solid-state means in this instance? Well, they’re not meant to be physically pushed in, but they have Taptic Engines inside. They will deliver haptic feedback when you press them. If you’ve used the iPhone 7 or 8, you know exactly what we’re talking about here.

It retains a similar look to the iPhone 14 Pro Max

This concept smartphone retains a very similar design language as the iPhone 14 Pro Max. There are three cameras on the back, in a similar layout as on the previous model. The sides are flat, with chamfered edges. Truth be said, though, there seems to be more of a curve towards the back side of the phone.

The bezels seem to be uniform, while the Dynamic Island is located on the front. The volume buttons are on the left, along with an alert switch, while the power/lock key sits on the right.

You will also notice a Type-C port at the bottom. All iPhone 15 models are said to include that port, as Apple is looking to replace the Lightning port. It has to do so because of the new EU rules, but the company was probably looking to do it anyway, as both iPad and Macbooks have them already.

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