Twitter killed CoTweets before their first birthday

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Less than a year ago, Twitter let its users collaborate on tweets. It’s a neat feature, but it appears that the company didn’t think so. Because of this, Twitter has killed off its co-authored tweets feature.

Twitter’s been a bird caught in a whirlwind of drama over the past couple of months, but it looks like the storm has just about settled. After Elon Musk took over the platform, let’s just say that things were rough. In any case, things seem to be getting back to normal.

Twitter killed the CoTweets function

Back in July 2022, Twitter launched its co-authored tweets feature called “CoTweets”. This allowed two people to be the credited author of a tweet. When you see a CoTweet, you’ll see both people’s names as opposed to one. It’s an interesting concept, but it was not to last.

Twitter (via Engadget) just announced that it’s killed off the CoTweets feature. If you’re wondering why you never had the ability to collaborate on tweets, it’s because the company never launched it to the public. It remained in the limited testing stage since then.

Being in testing for half of a year seems weird, but the feature launched right before Elon Musk took over the company. The ship’s maiden voyage was on rough seas, it seems.

What happens next?

So, with this feature being put down, what’s to happen to the CoTweets that have been posted? Well, they’ll remain as CoTweets for the next month. After that, they’ll be converted to regular tweets. The way that CoTweets worked is that one person (the main author) would invite another person (the invitee) to be a part of the tweet.

After a month, the CoTweets will change to regular tweets on the main authors’ pages. As for the invitees, the CoTweet will exist as a retweet on their page.

Since this feature was cut while testing, it seems that it just wasn’t hitting with the test audience. This happens; sometimes, a feature just doesn’t strike a chord with the limited user base.

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