New leak shows us a better look at the OnePlus Pad

OnePlus Pad leak 2

We’re still feeling the reverberations from Samsung’s latest Unpack event where it unveiled the Galaxy S23 phones and its Galaxy Book 3 computers. However, OnePlus is to have its own event very soon, and we expect to see the rumored OnePlus tablet at it. We have a new leaked image that shows us the OnePlus Pad in more detail.

We’ve been looking forward to a OnePlus tablet for a while now, and we’ve only recently gotten some solid information on it. Not too long ago, we covered a leak of this tablet that showed us what it look like. We saw the single-camera module, back material, and thin bezels.

A new OnePlus Pad leaked image gives us a better look

The last leak that we got was good, but a new leak from Evan Blass shines more light on one major aspect of the tablet itself. The new image looks like a promotional image straight from the company, so we can take this to heart. It shows the table from both the front and the back with a light background. This makes them easier to make out.

One major detail that this image shows is the orientation of the tablet. The previous leak actually made the tablet look like it was going to be in portrait. However, this new image shows us the tablet with the OnePlus logo on the back and the camera pointing to a landscape orientation.

Looking at this image, it almost looks like the tablet has a brushed metal back. We’ll need to wait on the announcement, it may be glass instead. As indicated by the previous leak, it seems likely that the back material is glass because we see a bit of a 2.5D curve where it meets the frame.

The button configuration is similar to what we saw with Lenovo’s tablets. Holding the tablet in landscape, the power button will be on the top while the power button will sit at the top of the left side.

Moving onto the display, we don’t see any punch-hole or notch (thankfully), so the front-facing camera will sit within the bezels. Speaking of the bezels, it looks like they will be a decent size; not too big, not too small.

We’re still waiting on word about this tablet’s specs, price, and availability. What we know is that it may launch in India, but we don’t know any more than that.

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