Grab a renewed iPhone 13 Pro Max 256GB for only $909

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Amazon has a great deal on the iPhone 13 Pro Max today, and it’s good today only. This is for the 256GB model which initially retailed for $1,199 when it launched in September 2021. The iPhone 13 Pro Max 256GB is now down to just $909. Still rather pricey for a phone that’s over a year old, but this one will be supported for quite some time.

Since the iPhone 13 Pro Max has the same chipset as the new iPhone 14, you can rest assured that it will be getting updates for quite some time. Apple updated the iPhone 6S for nearly eight years before stopping support. It’s still sending updates to the iPhone 5S, actually. Not new versions of iOS, but rather new security updates.

The iPhone 13 Pro Max has insane battery life, even better than the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Which is really great to see. Especially with that 6.7-inch display that’s on-board. With the iPhone 13 Pro Max, Apple also included ProMotion. Which is basically an adaptive 120Hz display here on the iPhone. Which makes it super smooth.

There’s 6GB of RAM on-board, which, in the Android world, would not be much. But iOS is so well optimized that 6GB is more than enough. Of course, as we mentioned, this is the 256GB model. So plenty of storage on-board here. It also has a triple-camera setup, all of which are 12-megapixel cameras. There’s a wide, ultrawide and telephoto camera all available here. Apple does also let you shoot video and take photos in raw. So you can really take advantage of this camera hardware.

The iPhone 13 Pro Max is such a great smartphone, and at well under $1,000, it’s definitely a good time to pick one up.

You can pick up the iPhone 13 Pro Max from Amazon today by clicking here. This sale won’t last long, so you’d better hurry.

iPhone 13 Pro Max – Amazon

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